Personal Brand Guide Project

A style guide created for my professional brand


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Brand Guidelines

Project Date: April 2023

Project Overview: Students participating in the Emerging Media Double Dawgs Program were tasked with creating a style guide for their own personal brand. This included designing personal logos, selecting brand colors and fonts, and creating a style guide. We were encouraged to use our creativity to make it truly personal, and I ended up using this style guide as my reference while making my professional portfolio website!

The Challenge: The challenges incorporated into this assignment included using new software that we were introduced to in the class (Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator) to create our guide, using our creativity to pick colors/fonts that represent us, and working as both a designer and a client.

The requirements included creating

  1. A Monogram/Lettermark Logo
  2. A Wordmark Logo
  3. A Tagline
  4. A Primary Color Palette
  5. Font Selections (H1, H2, H3, and Body)

The Solution: I created my style guide to represent myself and my experience matching the type of brand I would like to work for. I really see myself doing Digital Marketing for a modern brand/agency, so I chose colors and fonts that I feel represent that best. I selected warmer colors that feel modern, yet comforting at the same time. I chose a font that is a condensed sans serif font that still looks well put together. I also used rounded squares throughout the guide so it felt organic but still intentional. Finally, I followed the guidelines throughout the guide to show what these guidelines would look like in action.

A screenshot of my overall personal brand guidelines, including logos, color selection, font selection, and a tagline.
My Personal Brand Style Guide

The Results: Aside from the grade I received on this project, another way I was able to measure success metrics from this project was actually implementing the design into my portfolio website. By seeing this design in action, I know that it works well together in practice.