Intro to Screenprinting: Course Overview

Samples of work and general outline of my Intro to Screenprinting course


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fabric samples from my final project

Final Project Critique Set-Up

In the Fall of 2022, I took an Intro to Screen-Printing course as an elective for my Design & Media minor. Throughout the course, we were given several prompts and made 3-4 yard prints from screens we built ourselves.

The process we used for creating a project was

  1. Brainstorm a design that could be repeated on a screen
  2. Sketch out the design on a large piece of white paper (or design it digitally and get it printed onto blueprint paper)
  3. Scrap our previous screen and rebuild a new screen onto the frame
  4. Apply emulsion and expose our new design onto the screen
  5. Dye 5-6 samples of fabric to try different colorways
  6. Mix pigment to apply to the screen and print our designs
  7. Create 5-6 colorways per project in order to decide which color palette we wanted to use for our final
  8. Class-wide sample critique
  9. Dye the final stretch of fabric
  10. Screenprint 5-6 repeats onto the stretch of fabric
  11. Final critiques

I ended up loving this class and found the process of screen-printing to be really challenging, but also exciting! Here’s a couple of samples of my work throughout the semester: