The #OUAIRefillRevolution Campaign

A deep-dive into a social media marketing campaign I created for OUAI haircare


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A photo of the intro slide for my OUAI Refill Revolution class project

OUAI Refill Revolution Intro Slide

In my Social Media Marketing class, we were tasked with creating a social media campaign for any brand that we liked. The main idea was to create a product extension or find a new target audience for the brand. I chose the brand OUAI, a haircare line that values sustainability and whose mission is to provide customers with hair products that give them the confidence to “win life their OUAI”.

When starting this project, I loved the idea of extending their image of sustainability and I wanted to create a product that goes well with their pre-existing products. OUAI currently sells refills of their popular shampoo and conditioner, however, the current idea behind it is that you use the refill to fill up the bottle that you already own and have used up. While this is a sustainable practice, I found that customers were in their comment section complaining that the squeeze bottles don’t hold up through several refills and the idea of refilling these bottles 3-6 times just wasn’t realistic because of how the bottles get damaged while being squeezed.

My campaign is called the #OUAIRefillRevolution and it’s the production of refillable pump bottles for shampoo and conditioner that fit the OUAI aesthetic while lasting longer than the original bottles. This would also account for accessibility because there are many people who don’t have the range of motion in their hands to squeeze a small bottle over and over again.

You can view the presentation here!